The Gamechanger

Recently I was looking at the home screen on my iPad, and I realized I had too many apps arranged in horrific order. So I did what any normal person would do: I started to put related apps in folders together, but as I got closer to my goal, I realized I had some apps that didn’t fit with any of the folders I had made, and they definitely didn’t fit together. To fix this problem I had a few choices, I could leave them out, next to my clean and organized folders. I could try to broaden the names and purposes of each folder so these outsider apps would have a home, or I could just put them in a random folder and try to remember where they were. And that got me to thinking, human standards and morals are the same, constantly being labeled and relabeled, put in a new folder, and changed or removed. Sometimes these changes are great, changing a civilization for the better, but other times, ideologies come that simply go against our moral compass. At this point, we reach a crossroad, we could let it in and put it beside our other morals (put a calculator in a music app folder and try to remember where it is) , we could just ignore it ( leave the calculator outside any folder and cause clutter on our home screen), or we could try to fight/change the idea (delete the app). It is at this point our moral compass will either change or stand steadfast in the face of potentially false ideas. We may take the easy route and just ignore it, but the easy way is rarely the best. We also may in  fighting vigorously this new status quo, inadvertently give them just what they want, attention and publicity. So that is where I must end. Leaving the final decision to you, the Gamechanger.


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