WAKEUP!!! year 2

It has been a full year since I last screamed this into your ear.  That year was full of dreams that never fully realized, and a few that exploded past my imagination.  What was this year for me?  It was just another year as The Baroque Knight…   -The Baroque Knight The peace is found […]

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I Am A Cannibal

I taste the blood, I’m feeling hungry. but then, I realize the blood I taste is me. My tears fly up into the air vent. Above me, there is a chorus of light. Below, There is a choir full of fire. My blood on his lips.

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Ah, Springtime

     Ah, spring.  The time in which I feel that the New Year’s true colors begin to shine through.  No more wading through the dispair brought on by the previous year’s winter.  But we still must ask the question, will it be a good year, filled with fruitful gain?  Or will it be a […]

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The Gamechanger

Recently I was looking at the home screen on my iPad, and I realized I had too many apps arranged in horrific order. So I did what any normal person would do: I started to put related apps in folders together, but as I got closer to my goal, I realized I had some apps […]

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Sometimes people ask me, “Do you know who you are?” I say, “Naw, man! Do you know who you are?” “No,” they say to the ground. I say back to them, “don’t be troubled! It’ll all be OK.” Other days, people ask to play a game. “What game?” I ask. They say, ” We already […]

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